Claudia Helmer

Seb. Kneipp Str. 12
65812 Bad Soden



I began my textile career in the late eighties as a quilt maker. I loved handling fabric and was at a point in my life when arranging and re-arranging scraps of fabric provided structure and peace. In addition, making something new out of something old had enormous appeal.

I was invited to teach at a local arts centre and ran classes that spanned traditional piecing and hand quilting, as well as more contemporary approaches to quilt making.

In 1990, I decided to go back to University to take a degree in psychology. The degree and subsequent training to become a qualified psychoanalyst occupied the next ten years, and took me away from textile work. After two years of working in private practice, I realised that I needed to bring back a creative element into my life as a balance to the work I was doing with patients. A class with Ann Johnson in 2002 introduced me to the key principles of working with MX dyes, and subsequent classes with Committed to Cloth and Art Cloth Studios encouraged me to fully explore the world of surface design.

I became hooked by wet work because of its potential to constantly surprise. Whilst surprise can also mean uncertainty in me it evoked childhood feelings; uncertainty could also mean the possibility of many, many exciting experiences and unlimited potential in terms of what could be realised. As such, I decided to re-model my working practice, turning over a portion of the building to a dedicated wet studio. A re-structuring of patient hours now allows me to spend 50 % of my time on my textile work.



  • Art to wear, Galerie an der Trinkhalle, Bad Soden
  • Festival of Art Cloth, International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas


  • Art to wear, ARTCLOTH STUDIOS, San Antonio, Texas
  • 1550 Gallery, Kerrville, Texas
  • Art Cloth 4 x 4, at the Knitting & Stitching Shows, England


  • ARTCLOTH: Engaging New Visions, Fairfield City Museum & Stein Gallery, Fairfield, Australien
  • Mitglieder stellen aus, Bad Sodener Kunstwerkstatt, Bad Soden


  • 12. August - 4. September ARTCLOTH: Engaging New Visions, Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Queensland, Australien
  • 19. August - 23. August European Art Quilt VI, Birmingham Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England
  • 15.Oktober - 16.Januar /11 European Art Quilt VI, Stadsmuseum, Woerden, Niederlande
  • 11.Dezember - 23. Januar/11 ARTCLOTH Engaging New Visions, Wangaratta Gallery, Victoria, Australien


  • 15. April - 10. Juni European Art Quilt VI, Stadt Museum, Einbeck, Deutschland
  • 20. Juni - 15 September European Art Quilt VI, Tuch & Technik Museum, Neumünster, Deutschland
  • 20. September - 15. Januar/12 European Art Quilt VI, Textilforum, Herning, Dänemark

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